Thursday, 20 September 2012

Business Architecture in Healthcare.

Just finished delivering  a training event to a (CIC) an independent, not for profit social enterprise in health care. It was interesting to see that many of the ideas techniques and models in business architecture have substantial relevance to organisations coming out of the public sector, NHS in this case.

There is a language issue: Customer segments becomes patient segments and value propositions are a challenging concept in this environment and are better described as heath offerings or  designed outcomes. Osterwalder's business model canvas works well, concepts the same but with slightly more appropriate labels on the nine sectors. Capability models highly relevant due to a high level of focus on outcomes.

One of the interesting elements is a very complex value web as opposed to a value chain where value pulled by end users is defined by other bodies rather than the patients themselves.  Value seems to  be defined by organisations who have a "parental" role. This is similar to fragmented chains in other outsourced industries contracted to government who provide services that they think their populations want. True voice of the customer needs more emphasis.

Interesting stuff and a lot more to think about particularly around the value web or value ecosystem.