Wednesday, 29 August 2018

New Canvas

The Book Available from Amazon.
The book operating model canvas written by Andrew Campbell et all and  published last year by Van Haren, it is a fine colourful read, however it needs more substance behind its introductory text of the zones of the POLISM framework. In order to fill this gap Kirill Deverenski and myself, with permission of the author,  have been writing some supporting articles - one for each zone.

The operating model canvas seeks to expand the left hand side of the now Osterwalder's fairly famous Business Model Canvas by providing a pull out and replace plugin for: Supplier, Key Activities and Key Resources.

In essence  these pieces try to explain the role of tracing value through the model and flesh out the various things you need to think about and provide some steps for each zone. please see.

We hope to complete the series soon with the Information Zone. This material and the thinking behind it support our: How to use the Operating Model INFORMATION ZONE Now OUT! SEPT 18.

el Canvas Course available for booking for corporate groups.  It may well also result in a work book in 2019  - we shall see.