Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Strategy to Execution Business Architecture +

I have been leading business architecture courses now since 2008 and in  the main this  delivery has been around the development of target operating models. This has stemmed from a demand from senior business analysts to move into the business architecture space which is in essence internal business consulting.

However this year there seems to be a demand for learning about the end to end process of developing an strategy, creating the architecture and then deploying the transformation.

Strategy, Business Architecture and Project and Programme Management.

Historically the approach was to specialise and train in each of these three disciplines but the need is now to join them up in an end to end transformation process. I suppose this was symptomatic of why transformation was potentially so troubled because it was siloed. Some of the siloed thinking and methods deployed such as Prince 2 may have let us down here; best practice was more of "common" practice than "best".

With much more focus on benefits realisation, due to effectively overstated business cases, the setting of strategic objectives and providing traceability of those objectives through to delivery and beyond is in focus.

This presents a learning and development challenge as this end to end approach to transformation cuts across skill sets and departments however this is a challenge well worth taking up as the results are potentially seismic.