Saturday, 19 June 2010

A Token Post! What is a Token?

A process does nothing until it is triggered. Some therefore refer to a process as a static business item or object.When some event happens the process "fires", the receipt of a letter a timed event or a phone call are examples of triggers.When the event occurs a relay race starts through the process activity boxes - think process map here- and the baton passes through the flow until the process ends.If the process splits into parallel activity the relay baton, otherwise known as the token, duplicates or splits until it merges later, or each part of the split token finds an end point.The token represents the flow of activity through the process identifying the event that started it all off.So, a process is static until triggered and becomes dynamic whilst the token or token parts are still active until the tokens either combine and reach the end or all of the tokens reach the end point in the process.If you want to do process simulation getting your head round this is essential!I am currently designing a new training programme in "Developing Your Business Processes as Business Assets" which will address this issue amongst others.

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