Thursday, 4 April 2013

What is strategic architecture?

HNC/D strategy units talk about strategic architecture and it forms a criteria point in the syllabus. Often my students struggle to find a good definition as is it is not present in many text books; so I thought if I placed it here it might help a few people.

Architecture is how components fit together to make the whole so:

Strategic Architecture means how the organisation is constructed to achieve its stated strategy. This will include all the strategic artifacts  goals, missions , visions, business operating models, business models, target operating models and all the components for delivering the strategy including business components, projects and programmes that are created to deliver the strategy.

In essence any identifiable items that connects together with other items to facilitate delivery of that strategy.

As Tom Graves rightly says" architecture represents the lines that connect the boxes". So strategic architecture is how the business is connected together to deliver the strategy.

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