Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Knowledge Genes

I am always a fan of simple tools. Back in the nineties I was introduced to Que Sheet which then became Hyperknowlege and today is known as Knowledge Genes.

It is great for semantic logical models, creating logical modles using words, and I like how it traces the objectives through through to how to deliver those objectives in a breakdown structure.

It uses a How, Why and What format which enables one to trace linkage from business process through to business imperatives; the what element can be used to identify supporting assets. The best benefit for independants like myself in its basic form it is free.

I recently showed this to some delegates on my business architecture course during my businss modelling unit and they were impressed and got quite excited; a lot more than they were with Zachman or TOGAF!

The only downside, from my point of view, it's all thin client with the data residing on the knowledge Genes site. I like control!

As a mobile consultant and trainer I like to be able to work away from an internet connection and then synchonise up later. Control of the package and the data makes me feel more comfortable. So many tools are going server based these days and I'm not sure it is for the best.

Mind you I like software on a CD or DVD with a nice manual and box rather than a download so perhaps I am a bit old fashioned and a control freak.

Have a look at http://www.hyperknowledge.com/ Click the title bar on this post.

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