Saturday, 10 March 2012

"DSDM Atern - overshadowed by SCRUM? How can it best raise its profile?

Kevin Downes on the linkedin DSDM Group started a discussion-
"DSDM Atern - overshadowed by SCRUM? How can it best raise its profile?

He started this with the comment ”I'm rather beginning to think that DSDM Atern has lost the race to adoption and recognition compared with Scrum et al. Certainly in the UK - recruiter agencies hardly ever seem to have heard of it and as far as I can tell you very rarely see it mentioned in job adverts (yet the terms "Agile" or "Scrum" will pop in 90% of them)."

My thoughts in this are: 

DSDM need to change business models and move to creative commons or "open source" approach; its copyrighting and restrictive practices on consulting and training as a way of generating income for the group are the core of its demise. Revenue models of the nineties which worked well in the past are not effective in the world we live in today. 

I'll give you an example: Alex Osterwalder author of Business Model Generation offers all of his IP on a creative commons basis, you would think originally this is crazy as everyone uses it for free, however the reverse is true because everyone uses, it trains it and talks about it. He makes his money from the sale of his books and extensive conference work and is highly successful. Even the book was given away free as a PDF covering the first half but so many people liked it they bought the actual one after their first look. The "freemium" model has resulted in evangelisation of this approach. 

As much as this may grate with the originators of DSDM; if they step back and change more money will be made by opening up than they realise I just hope it is not to late as I always loved DSDM.

DSDM Atern doesn't exactly roll of the tongue as an exciting and compelling brand - when one mentions DSDM "what's that they say" you reply " Dynamic Systems Development Method" - eyes glaze over nervous cough and "That's some systems I.T. methodology thing then - what was your journey like in from Winchester today?" conversation on DSDM ends.....

Whilst underneath DSDM is fantastic for all sorts of non I.T. development -Training development process improvement etc. let alone software ; I know that as most of us  do as well, but we have reached a point where I am concerned about its future.

In ecology species reach a population beneath which extinction is guaranteed, I do hope we haven't reached that point with DSDM.

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