Monday, 16 April 2012

SME Business Design & Coaching

I have been applying some business modelling techniques to helping people form their ideas into a businesses recently. A bit of a change from leading business architecture courses with large corporate organisations but in some ways it is more fulfilling when you are able to take someone's personal vision and convert into a plan to business launch.

I think the mix of large and small is good for a variety of reasons: you can distil best practice from the corporate world and convert it for the simpler business and the small business side "keeps your feet" on the ground  making you remember the importance of customers and keeping down the costs avoiding the corporate waste that we see so much in larger organisational cultures. Many of C level executives would do well to run a micro business I think it would change their outlook in so many ways.

It is clear that basic business architecture (business structure) principles work just as well for micro businesses as for major corporations. One man/woman bands sometimes do find it difficult to get the mass of ideas and thoughts distilled onto paper and that is where a business coach with business architecture skills can help. Business coaching need not just be accountancy and marketing advice as there is a both lot of breadth and depth in helping new starts.

This has led on from another exercise last year where on behalf of my local college and job centre lecturing colleagues and I  ran a business model workshop for a small group of people just starting out in business after redundancy and the feed back from that group was also encouraging. I am going to more of this, it was fun and interesting.

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